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What is Health Kinesiology?

​Health Kinesiology (HK) is a specific brand of BioEnergetic Kinesiology developed by Dr. Jimmy Scott. Kinesiology is a non-evasive method using muscle feedback and body awareness that can help you reduce stress and pain, improve performance at school, work, relationships, and promotes health and well being. HK uses a variety of energy balancing methods that aid the physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual. HK, like Acupuncture, uses the Meridian model of the human energy system. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine sees physical health and well-being as a direct reflection of the energy blueprint- the Meridian System. The flow of energy in the meridians can be disturbed by imbalances in virtually any aspect of life: nutrition, emotions, thoughts, relationships, environmental chemicals, electromagnetic pollution, etc. HK brings balance and to the Meridians, equipping your body with the power of self healing. Each session is specific to what your body needs through the use of muscle testing. Every session is different and could combine a number of different elements. HK has been helping change lives for over 30 years. For more information visit www.hk-training.org

"In HK, Miracles occur every day; The Impossible takes just a little longer." -Dr. Jimmy Scott, Creator of the HK Method

Release the shell that keeps you from your best you

My number 1 priority is you. The goal of my practice is to help people in any way possible. I wish for nothing more than the opportunity to serve you with love and care, and help change your life the way Health Kinesiology and Energy Healing has changed mine. 


What is Integrative Reflexology?

Integrative Reflexology differs than standard Reflexology in many ways. For many people, when they hear Reflexology they think of a painful procedure. Integrative Reflexology is a hybrid of the original Reflexology methods. The method of Integrative Reflexology combines therapeutic massage techniques and pressure points from the Meridian Model, to a newly designed Reflexology foot map. An Integrative Reflexology Massage is more detoxifying, and more relaxing than a full body massage. The foot has thousands of nerve endings, and is therefor very receptive, and communicates with the entire body. Any physical or emotional pain can be aided with an Integrative Reflexology Massage.

Katelyn combines her Reflexology with Health Kinesiology, making each session designed for you specifically. Each Integrative Reflexology session includes a Epsom Salt foot soak with essential oil, and a close with a hot towel wrap.


  • Release of endorphins
  • Increase in digestive response (Great for those who have trouble in this area)
  • ​Sinus drainage and relief
  • Lung reflexes are stimulated (Easier and clearer breathing)
  • Reduce muscular tension in neck, shoulders, elbows, hips, sciatic area and spine
  • Reduction of swelling in feet and lower limbs
  • Movement in fluids via stimulation of the kidney, urethra, and bladder (Great for kidney stones)
  • ​Overall sense of well being

​*Remember, this is a body detox and can therefor create slight discomforts while the body is healing. However, most people report having a relaxing and reviving experience. 

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